Workers’ Comp Pharmacy

West Coast RX Pharmacy specializes in the complex workers’ comp system and helps injured workers get their medications without the delays and denials you may experience at your local pharmacy. Here’s how we make things simple and easy for you:

  • Medications delivered right to your home
  • No upfront or out-of-pocket cost for prescriptions
  • Experienced pharmacy staff always available to you


Next-Day Home Delivery

No Upfront or Out-of-Pocket Costs

No Hassles or Unnecessary Delays

Friendly, Multilingual Team

Medical Practices

Practice Medicine Your Way

We specialize in the state-specific nuances and complexities of workers’ compensation claims, helping to ensure adherence to clinical treatment plans.

  • MD’s may provide a personalized complex care program catering to catastrophic injuries
  • Ensure daily PDMP checks for maximum safety and compliance
  • Leverage our team of experienced pharmacists and pain management specialists
  • Access robust physician and attorney network

West Coast RX Pharmacy assists medical specialists by managing prescription prior authorizations and avoiding long drawn-out phone calls for prior authorization. West Coast RX Pharmacy takes care of issues that arise from a retail pharmacy’s lack of experience by taking care of the significant amounts of paperwork to get through the workers’ compensation process.


Legal Practices

Get the Most For Your Clients

West Coast RX Pharmacy eases the burden on your office by providing detailed reporting and continuous prescription care to clients – even through disputes or litigation.

  • Give clients continuous prescription care, even through disputes or litigation
  • See detailed reporting on cost, balances, and utilization
  • Have our litigated claims team<br>monitor insurance carrier rejections
  • Join a robust physician and attorney network
  • West Coast RX Pharmacy assists clients with prescription issues and burdensome paperwork to get your clients the medications they need
  • Managing prescription prior authorizations