5 Tips for Safe and Smart Prescription Medication Use

5 Tips for Safe and Smart Prescription Medication Use

At West Coast Rx, we want to ensure that all of our customers are taking their prescription medications safely. As a reputable pharmacy in Thousand Oaks, California, we list down some tips for safe and smart prescription medication use:

Tip #1: Keep an updated and organized list of all your medications

It is important for you to keep an updated and organized list of all your medications. This is particularly important for individuals who are taking multiple prescriptions. Aside from prescription medications, this list must also include over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and supplements. Moreover, provide your healthcare team with an updated list of your medications – this will help them screen for possible drug interactions.

Tip #2: Be familiar with your medical and medication history

Make sure that your healthcare provider and pharmacists know about special conditions you have. This includes a history of medication problems and allergies to drugs, foods, or dyes. Also, make sure that they know if you are nursing or pregnant and if you have a history of liver or kidney disease. Inform them of any chronic diseases or recent health conditions that you have. It is crucial that those who are recommending and filling your prescriptions know as much about your health as possible.

Tip #3: Don’t share your medications

Your prescription medication is for you and you alone. Never share your medications and never borrow medications for others as well. Sharing or borrowing medications is both dangerous and illegal. Those who borrow prescription medications may face criminal prosecution for possessing prescription medication without a valid prescription. Also, those who share prescription medications could face federal drug violation charges for the illegal distribution of prescription medications.

Tip #4: Keep medications organized

Talk to your pharmacist and ask if they can set up a medication-taking calendar. You can also ask them for medicine dispenser recommendations to help you get organized. Keeping medications organized is vital, particularly for those who are taking several medicines on a daily basis. By keeping your medications organized, you can easily track which medicines you need to take at a particular time during the day and whether you are missing any doses.

Tip #5: Don’t stop taking your prescription medication without direction from your healthcare provider

Oftentimes, people stop taking their prescription medication ahead of schedule because their symptoms have gone away or because they are feeling better. However, you must never stop taking your prescription medication without direction from your healthcare provider. Stopping your medication regimen prematurely may put you at risk of serious health consequences (i.e. your condition or symptoms may recur or even get worse). Before you make any changes to your drug regimen, always consult your healthcare provider or pharmacist first.

For more tips, or if you are looking for quality and affordable medications and medical supplies in California, get in touch with us today.

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